About Me

Mei is a highly motivated professional, dedicated to fulfilling the needs of her real estate clients. She is trustworthy, organized and willing to go the extra mile to make each transaction as smooth and efficient as possible. She carefully listens to her clients' needs and counsels them on real estate matters by providing extensive market knowledge, proven negotiation skills and thoroughness in handling details, all while staying in close communication with her clients through every step of the journey.   

Mei is an Accredited Staging Professional. With her talent and training in interior design, she can make each home show at its best, and sell faster for a higher price. 

Mei was born in Beijing, China. She is bilingual, speaking Mandarin Chinese and English fluently. Mei holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science and has a background in software engineering. Before turning her energies to real estate, she was Director of Engineering at Network Associates, Inc. Mixing technology with interior design and property sales seems to come naturally to Mei, as evidenced by her impressive list of industry awards over the last decade. 

Mei’s Ranking and Awards:

• #2 Century21 Producer in nation (2012, 2013, 2014 & 2016)

• #1 Century21 Producer in North California Region (2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 ,2015 & 2016)

• #2 Century21 Producer in North California Region (2006, 2008 & 2009)

• #4 Century21 Producer in nation (2015) 

• #8 Century21 Producer in nation (2011)

• #5 Century21 Producer in nation (2010)

• #10 Century21 Producer in nation (2007)

• Grand Centurion Producer award winner (2005 - present) 


 What her clients say about Mei:

We recently bought and sold a house through Mei and both times, she proved to be an exceptional real estate agent.
As buyers agent, she;
- guessed the price the house would sell correctly over and over again
- negotiated better deals than we had requested
As seller's agent, she;
- sold our house  for record high price in the area
- took care of all the details so that we didn't have to deal with them ourselves
- gave us simple and clear timeline of when everything was happening
- always responded promptly whenever we had concerns or questions
- did all the background check of the offers that were made for our house and presented us with her recommendation of what the best offer was.

We are very picky, neurotic and probably a nightmare customer to deal with, but she dealt with us very professionally and took each of our concerns very seriously without showing any emotion. She is one amazing real estate agent. I can't recommend her highly enough. 

Motoko and Colby, Santa Clara, 11/2015


Nothing fazes Mei. She is professional, hardworking, organized and detail oriented. She and her team goes above and beyond when she helped us sell our townhouse and sold it way above asking. Don't buy/sell without talking to Mei first.

Sabrina and Wilson, North San Jose, 6/2015

We recently moved to a new place and need to sell our previous house. Given the awfully bad experience of buying a house at new place, we expect that selling our previous house would be just as painful. Luckily, My wife got to know Mei two years ago when Mei sold my neighbor's house, and Mei  definitely impressed my wife a lot in their conversation. So We decided to ask Mei to sell our house. First, Mei helped us fix a lot of issues with the house, such as floor, painting, lights and plumbing etc: those work were done in time, with high quality and at reasonable price. After that, our previous house is almost as good as new one. It attracted a lot of visitors and we got good offers right away. Then Mei helped us evaluate and negotiate the right offer: I am really impressed by her expertise and negotiation skills. From the time we list the house on the market to the time we close the escrow, it is just less than a month! I never thought it could be so smooth: even the document signing was made so convenient by Mei. I don't think I can find a better agent than Mei and definitely recommend her to my friends who are planning to sell their houses in the future.

Bo and Jingjing, Santa Clara, 6/2015


Mei is very easy to work with. She is a hardworking agent. She made herself available every time I wanted to ask questions related to the house, even after we signed the contract to make her our exclusive agent to sell the house. It was really good experience. Her knowledge and talent in staging  the house is outstanding. I will recommend her to other potential buyers and sellers. 

Doris & Hai, Birdland, Santa Clara, 3/2015


Mei Ling did a fantastic job in representing us in the purchase of our new home. She is a true professional. She found a new home for us and we purchased the home at a lower price than we expected because of her negotiation skills. She is now working diligently on selling our prior residence by staging and reviewing comps to set the appropriate listing price . If you are considering buying or selling a home we highly recommend Mei Ling.

William Little, San Jose, 03/2015

Mei Ling is wonderful. She will go above and beyond your expectations. She knows her job and does it very well. We were so impressed with the whole process. 

Rene and Leilani Marcelo, San Jose, 01/2015


Dear Mei, 

We want to offer our most sincere gratitude on all that you have done for us in the buying and selling of our homes.

I don’t even think the word real estate agent is appropriate to describe you. We think of you as our great partner and advisor. Without a doubt, you are the best real estate partner we have ever worked with. You are dedicated, meticulous, hardworking, knowledgeable, smart, and responsive!

Over the course of over 10 years, we had worked with a few different agents for the buying and selling of our homes. During those times, we have always felt something is lacking with the other agents.

In the many years living near the Rivermark area, we have seen your name many times on numerous open houses. We had a feeling that you’re very good. So when it comes time to sell our home, we knew it had to be you. You and your team of experts not only worked at a super fast pace, but also did it with such high quality!  

You gave us great advice on what needs to be done in order to get the home ready for the market. You made sure that buyers feel this is the perfect home for them. You and your crew managed everything. We appreciated how you really took great care of our home.

The result, we received multiple offers and our home and it got sold for much higher than what we had thought possible! Simply amazing!!

Buying a home in this hyper competitive market is not easy. Your calm and thoughtfulness was truly wonderful. You never pushed us to go for homes or make offers that we didn’t feel comfortable. You were patient with us in the entire process.

Eventually, it was your reputation in the market that helped us secured our new home. The right partner like you DOES make a huge difference!

You have exceeded our expectations in so many ways. You are our one and only real estate partner!


Victor, Santa Clara, 4/2014


I met with Mei after I decided to re-list my house.  I went with a realtor who simply responded to me on Zillow - I very much thought "all agents are basically the same."  As I worked with this other agent, I found I was consistently unimpressed with this person's professionalism and commitment.  There was little advertising, the asking price was way too high, and we essentially wasted our first weekend.  In my time with this agent, I got one offer on my property and, because the agent had been doing so poorly, I decided not to take the offer and to re-list. 

I found Mei Ling like a lot of other people in Rivermark - from her signs everywhere!  It's clear Mei closes a lot of great properties around the area.  Let me explain my basic experience with Mei Ling:
1)  We met and signed the agreement
2)  She immediately started suggesting painting and improvements to the house that she felt were cost effective
3)  She arranged all the painting so that I only need to give her the check - she met me at MY WORK for this.
4)  She immediately started cleaning out the house for me at no cost to me - I was starting a new job and a new life while selling the house and having Mei handle all this was wonderful.
5)  She managed to give away ALL of my undeeded property (old desk, work bench) so there was zero disposal cost.
6)  She started advertising and preparing to stage the house
Once the time came, bottom line is, even correcting for her staging fee and the painting she suggested, I ended up doing 37k better than the previous offer.  As far as I'm concerned, whenever anybody asks, 37k is the "Mei difference." She did an OUTSTANDING job getting me a strong offer on the property and, compared to other agents, I didn't do anything!  Outstanding, world-class customer service.  Mei deserves all of the credit she gets.  I'll definitely be buying my next house with Mei.
To anyone reading this:  Don't waste your time like I did with an agent besides Mei.  Just use her first - she will get you the best price and you just need to sit back and let her do her work, signing the occasional paperwork at your convenience.
Excellent, excellent experience.
Michael D, Santa Clara, 2/2014


I've never thought of my real estate agent as critical to the process of buying and selling a home - until we experienced the services of Mei Ling.
Buying agents typically just push you to submit the highest, most compelling, and timely offer as possible - without your best interests in mind. 
Mei provided her recommendations on submitting the most compelling offer, but also left it to our discretion as to what we felt was the best for our family. She gave us her honest opinion on what she felt would work, but didn't pressure us too hard to go in any particular direction, which is refreshing. Mei is communicative and attentive to her clients. Although she was juggling multiple clients, she never made us feel like she was busy with others. She is responsive with all types of communication channels - phone, email, text. We used Mei as our agent for both the purchase of our new home and sell of our old and have never been happier with the results.
As our buying agent:
We found the home on our own (although it was on her search list that she put together for us), and within a few hours needed her help to ask clarification questions and put together an offer for us since we were competing with another offer. She quickly put together an offer for us in a timely fashion - and I'm pretty sure we made her late to an appointment because she was waiting on us to finish our e-signatures to put together the package. Within 12 hours she provided an update, and in the course of the next 2 days worked throughout the day with us to secure our offer. She was thorough throughout the closing process - she reads all the contingencies and inspection reports and provides solid recommendations on what she thinks you should do next.
As our selling agent:
Mei cleaned, painted, fixed, staged, took beautiful pictures and put together the virtual tour of our home in 3 days after we moved out. The staging and the virtual tour was amazing. We wanted to move back in after seeing the results! She has a discerning eye and really excels at presenting your home in the best way possible. Our home sold in one week with more than a dozen offers, above asking price. We were floored. In the closing process, we ran into a sticky situation with our home, and without hesitation, she addressed it right away, paying for costs out of pocket. 
Our experience was wonderful and we will not hesitate to use Mei again. 
Pachi and Edrick Wong, Los Gatos, 10/2013


Mei did a marvelous job for us.  She is very professional, making it all seem quite easy from our perspective, and delivered all services promised on time, with truly superior quality.  As a result, she also got a better price than we had hoped.  We would highly recommend Mei and use her services again in the future.  Overall, she made the sale of our home a very pleasant experience.
Jeff and Sylvie Whitney, Santa Clara, 09/2013


We're very happy with our experience with Mei Ling. She worked with our busy schedule to meet with us and explain the process in detail. As first-time home sellers, we had a lot of questions and uncertainty, but she gave us solid advice on the market and guidance for each step of the process. We always felt that she had excellent communication from beginning to end - she would notify us right away of any changes in status. Everything she estimated as part of the selling costs (cleaning, paint, etc) was clear and accurate.

Mei also did the staging on our home, and we were so impressed when we saw the home later through her photos (as we had moved out of state by then). She has a great eye for detail and taste in making a home look great.

We really appreciate the dedication and professionalism of Mei, and how she went above and beyond to make sure our home was taken care of. She really knows the Rivermark market, and we're thankful to have chosen her as our agent.

Andrew and Andrea Ng, Santa Clara, 8/2013

I was looking to sell my condo in Rivermark area and my brother referred  Mei Ling being the top agent in the Rivermark area.  Mei was on task from day one, and within a few days she got the inspections, few minor repairs and paint work done and staged the unit for showing. The staging, pictures and virtual tour were very good. The unit got multiple offers and got sold with in a few days of listing at higher than the list price. Mei is very knowledgeable in this community. The electronic signing has been very time efficient for us as we live in East Bay. It was very nice working with Mei. We are very happy we chose her as our agent and we strongly recommend her.
Bhaskar & Sudha, Santa Clara, 7/2013
Hi Mei,
I want to thank you for all the  wonderful work you did in selling our house in a timely fashion and at a good price.  I loved your creativity for house staging and great handling of the buyers during high uncertainty period.


Ajay, Milpitas, 6/2013


When we decided to sell our Rivermark home, we considered Mei Ling and another agent.  We have absolutely no regrets having gone with Mei Ling.  Our decision couldn't have   been better because not only did she sell our home for more than 10% above asking price (breaking the previous record for our home's floor plan, which she set as well), but the other agent we were considering actually ended up selling an identical home below   our asking price later that month.  Her professionalism, speed, communication, staging, attention to detail, and quality of work are unmatched and it is no wonder she has the earned a reputation as a top agent.  Our only regret is that she doesn't service   other areas outside of the SF Bay Area so that we could use her with our other homes in the future.  Mei Ling has more than exceeded our expectations and we would not hesitate to recommend her. 

Sekou Page, Santa Clara, 5/2013


We worked with Mei both as buyers and sellers and we can say that she is very professional, communicates clearly, and works hard for buyers and sellers.  She sold our townhouse with a 20 day close for significantly more than asking price.  She definitely earned her money, working closely with the buyers to help them get through the bank approval process as well as their own first-time jitters!  As for our purchase she helped us find the house we were looking for in a very challenging low inventory market and coached us to make an offer that would be accepted!  Her extended team of escrow and mortgage folks were also outstanding!  We highly recommend Mei Ling!
Thanks, Mei!
Patrick and Shelley Flanagan, Santa Clara, 3/2013

Mei Ling sold our home in record time and for more than 60K over the asking price. Her construction team finished their upgrades and staging in short order on a Wednesday, and the the house was listed the same day. A broker open house was held that Thursday, and offers were closed the following Tues which happened to be just before Thanksgiving so it was a very short window. We accepted one of many offers several of which were considerably over asking on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and escrow closed a mere 29 days later. Mei and her team of contractors and stagers were phenomenal and incredibly professional. She takes a personal interest in her clients and she gets results! There are just some people in any given profession who are special and the best in their field. Mei is one of those people and the best realtor one could hope to have. We recommend her in highest possible terms, and without reservation to anyone selling their home. Prepare to be amazed!

Julie Matsumoto & Nic Busette, Santa Clara, 11/2012


We are very glad to have chosen Mei to sell our home as that was the important decision we think we made and the rest happened automatically. Our home got sold in 7 days at a good price. During the whole process, we were outside the country. Mei kept us well informed and responded to our queries even after office hours (in fact late ). All the repair work was done in about one week, and our home was listed in a short notice. The staging was excellent, we believe that made a difference between our home and the other similar homes on the market, and it brought us higher price and a quick sale.

Shriram and Srividya, Rivermark, 10/2012

Mei Ling is a highly experienced, efficient, and very professional real estate agent with an effective strategy and proven track record, and one who gets the job done with great results. She is easy to work with, attentive to her clients, and provides sound advice and valuable recommendations. We wanted to be able to buy and move into another home prior to the sale of the home that we were living in. Mei Ling was the agent for both of these transactions. With her help, the entire process from start to finish in purchasing a new home, move out, to sale closure of previous home (which involved, remodeling, inspections, staging, open house, etc.) took less than three months, was extremely systematic and efficient, went like clockwork, smooth and painless for us.
Mei Ling completely took the stress and worry from us. During the remodeling, open house, and offer process, we were out of the country, Mei Ling went above and beyond taking care of every detail. She managed and scheduled everything to get the house ready, did an unbelievable great job staging it, and sold it well above list price with only one weekend of open house while we were on vacation.
She is very dedicated, takes great pride in her work, and provides excellent services.  She really showed us what a difference a good agent can make. 
Stephen and Andrea Fong, Cupertino, 8/2012
Every step of the way, Mei went above and beyond our expectations making the entire process of selling our townhouse in Rivermark exciting, swift, professional and best of all, profitable.  
We initially choose Mei because we saw her signs all over Rivermark, but we knew that we made the right choice at our very first meeting. She comes well prepared and her depth of knowledge of the area is extensive. She has a process and a method for marketing homes that is flawless. She manages every step of the process down to the final detail so that when the time comes to show the house, it sparkles with warmth and cleanliness. All the crews that she sent to our home were equally professional and efficient and have nothing but praise for Mei too.
Just a month after our first meeting our house was cleaned, staged, marketed and sold at an unexpectedly high price. We have only praise for working with Mei as our realtor and would highly recommend that anyone looking for the best realtor, choose Mei Ling. There is no one better, every step of the way.
Thank you again,
Steve & Kimberly Cook, Santa Clara, 7/2012



If you are not sure who to hire for your real estate agent I would recommend Mei Ling 100%. We sold our house in Saratoga during the down market in 2010. She did a great job all around from house staging to closure of sales.

She is very professional and reliable. She knows how to market the property and how to navigate thru tough negotiation phase. With her detailed guidance we were able to sell our property with multiple offers and premium over our asking price. I would strongly recommend her. She is the best. 

Chris and Connie Choi, Saratoga, 2011 



Hi Mei, 

We wanted to thank you so much for taking us through this process from beginning to the end. You were able to garner a lot of interest with many options, able to handle all of the curve balls, and it was an overall smooth process. Thanks so much for helping make this happen. 

Michael and Jenny Bennette, Santa Clara, 11/2011 




It has now been a year since we have been in our new house and we absolutely love it. I have been meaning to thank you for your amazing ability to get our house closed in a record 20 days! You also have a definite knack for style, which was shown during the staging of our house, as we actually liked the house much better when you were done with it. Finally, I would have to say, that I have not personally experienced such efficiency and attention to detail in the real estate industry or any other industry for that matter. Please feel free to contact me if you are looking for any type of reference, we would love to tell people about our experience! Thank you again, it was an absolute pleasure to work with you.

Oliver Deng, Santa Clara, 9/2011 


Dear Mei,

I am writing you this letter to express my sincere appreciation for an outstanding job you did in selling my house in Rivermark.  I am very impressed by your professionalism, your deep knowledge, your attention to details, and your top notch staging. I am very delighted to say that I never expected multiple offers with bidding even before the first open house.  Your excellent marketing and networking with various buyers got me 100K above the appraised price with absolutely NO contingencies.  All this was possible only because you were very diligent and efficient in all areas.


Again, thank you very much!  Hiring you was like hiring a real-estate team, because you are so organized; wear multiple hats; excellent follow through with lender, appraiser, title company, and between the buyer and seller. 


Best Wishes,

Narender R., Santa Clara, 07/2011




Mei Ling was the realtor for our house on Lass Drive in Santa Clara. Right from the very first time I engaged with her, our whole experience has been nothing but simply fantastic. She is the kind of realtor where-in once you give her your house, she takes complete ownership on ensuring the house gets sold. She goes out of her way to help out. We had several odd jobs that needed fixing around the house. She referred me to her handyman who had everything fixed in just 2 days. She referred me to an excellent painter, wood work person and all the things around the house was fixed in one week, at low cost without any issues. The other thing which sets her apart from other realtors, is her ability to stage homes. We were sooo amazed with the way she staged our house, and definitely know that her staging was one of the main reasons our house was sold within 3 weeks of listing. Our house was listed in a pretty bad market, where homes were staying on the average for more than 2 months. We not only sold our house within 3 weeks, we also were able to get a price which was way over the market rate. Make sure you heed to her advice on here strategy to get multiple offers. In summary, if you want to get your house sold for the highest price, and not have to worry about anything, Mei Ling is the person to go to! She is the absolute BEST realtor in the bayarea!

Aruna Ravi, Santa Clara, 06/2011


We are very pleased to utilize Century21, and especially Mei Ling to sell our home in Santa Clara,California at the community of Mission Park. Mei Ling did a very professional job from the starting advice, till closing of the escrow. Though, we were living away from Santa Clara, she managed all the needed inspections, minor repairs and updated us on the constant basis, without us travelling to Santa Clara very often. She turned our home into a classic model like, staged very artistically, and the virtual tour and the marketing brochures created by her were really very impressive. All this effort on her part sold our home just in five days after coming in the market, with a great rush of the viewing customers. There are many good agents in the market, but Mei Ling has a great natural touch in the successful outcome of the sale transactions. We will sure seek Mei's help for any such real estate need, and will very strongly recommend Mei Ling to others who want peace of mind and satisfaction in their home sale/ real estate concerns.
Muhammad Choudhry, Santa Clara, 6/2011




Hi Mei,

I just wanted to send you a quick thank note. I am very impressed by your professionalism, your deep knowledge in the real estate market, your attention to details and your top notch staging services. You transformed our house to a model like home within just a matter of days. It is unbelievable that you have the house totally remodeled within a week, got us in contract with multiple offers in 5 days and close the escrow in less than 20 days, you are truly amazing! We are very pleased with our choice having you as our real estate agent and listened to your advice. You make the entire process so easy and worry free!

Thank you!


Jennifer Zhang and YaQing Wang, Santa Clara, 3/2011




Mei Ling is a solid real estate professional who helped us sell our home in a difficult economy. We appreciated her great advice, beautiful staging of the house, timely updates and all her support from start to finish. She helped make the entire transaction run very smoothly. We are extremely satisfied with Mei’s work and would highly recommend her.


-David and Linda Liu, Santa Clara, 3/2011




We want to thank you with our deep appreciation for selling our house. The housing market was in a downturn towards the end of 2010 and we knew that selling was going to be difficult towards the end of the year. But you presented the 10 year old house very well. We chose you because your staging was really good. But now we realize that how independent you were in fixing the house. You were not hesitant to bring in more contractors and gave us enough choices in who would perform the work. From start to end, we were very happy with your work. And finally when we got the offers in the first open house in this market condition, it was a big relief. 
If we have any plans to sell our current house in the future, we don't need to do any more research in finding a realtor :-)
Best regards
Priya and Mohan, Sunnyvale, 10/2010




Picking Mei as our selling agent was a no-brainer and most definitely, the wisest choice that we ever made.  She is super-organized, has well thought out plans / strategies for every step of the process.  Her staging is impeccable (so much so that many friends stopped by our staged home to get decorating ideas), marketing is perfect and she presents the house as best as one possibly can.  She is always available to answer our questions, responds to queries promptly and pays great attention to detail.

We have heard that selling a house can be very stressful but with Mei we never experienced it.  It was a smooth ride all along and for that, a heartfelt Thank you, Mei.  You are the best!

Ram & Akila, Santa Clara, 06/2010



We recently worked with Mei Ling to sell our home in Rivermark.  We wanted our house to sell quickly and for top dollar and Mei was the perfect person to work with.  Her expertise, organization, stellar marketing collateral and excellent staging abilities made the whole process fast and painless.  She understands what buyers are looking for and is able to present your home in the best light.  Our home sold in 6 days for over the asking price, and faster than other identical homes on the market.  We could not have been more pleased with our interaction with Mei.  She was wonderful to work with and we recommend her without hesitation.


Scott and Christin Sanchez, Rivermark at Santa Clara, 3/2010




In a down market, when everybody said we cannot sell a house, Mei met with us and confidently told us that we can do it. True to her words, our house was sold in a matter of days with multiple offers. Mei is an ultimate professional and extremely detail oriented. She stages the house exceptionally well ( in my opinion, she is better than several interior decorators) and ensures that everything is perfect in order for the buyer to make a quick decision. She executes the selling process, similar to a project manager would execute a plan, capturing every detail and also following up on a regular basis. I would gladly recommend Mei to anyone given our experience.


Vishu Chittibabu, Santa Clara, 7/2010




Dear Mei,
I want to give you a BIG THANK YOU for all the help! 
I strongly believe that your knowledge of the business, expertise in the local  house market, personal network, gorgeous staging work as well as your marketing initiatives made a huge difference!
I'm very pleased that we've received multiple offers in the first open house and were able to secure a buyer right after that. As importantly, it was great to rely on your advices and recommendations that translated into a very professional and expeditious sales process. 
Joni Girardi, Santa Clara, 5/2010



To whom it may concern:


I was apprehensive about selling a 20-year-old townhouse in this market (early 2010). But Mei said she could do it.  She recommended new flooring, a few minor repairs, and interior paint.  I followed all her recommendations and then watched as her staging service magically transformed my old house into a beautiful, model-like home.  Looking at the photos on her web site and her brochure, I could hardly believe it was the same house!  Mei carefully considered how to price the home, and her instincts must have been right on -- because we got eleven offers right away, and the house sold for 20% over the asking price!  Every aspect of my home sale process was easy and straightforward thanks to Mei's expert advice and professionalism.  I would recommend Mei to anybody, and I'd love to work with her again if I ever need to sell a house in the future.


George Yefchak, Santa Clara, 3/2010




Dear Mei,


We are writing you this letter to express our gratitude for the outstanding job you did as the listing agent in the sale of our home in Santa Clara. My wife and I have bought and sold numerous homes over the years and you are, without a doubt, the best Realtor that we have ever worked with. After seeing your professional presentation, your thorough analysis of the market, and then understanding the many value-added services that you provide, we concluded that there is clearly a reason that you outperform all others. We were delighted with every phase of the process. Given that we are in the worst economic downturn seen in decades, we were of course concerned about pricing and marketing. You helped us pick the right price based on recent comps, your web-based and print-mail, targeted marketing was exceptional. Your expert staging of our home made it show like a photo spread from an Interior Design magazine.  As a result of your hard work, determination and attention to detail, you sold our home in just four days, with multiple bids, over our asking price, the buyers were well qualified, and the closing was a breeze.


Thank you for making our home sale such a success!


Dave and Vivian Bruce, Rivermark, Santa Clara, CA 10/01/2009




Mei's performance as the agent responsible or selling our home in fall of 2009 can be characterized by one word: flawless. From start to finish, each step demonstrated Mei's professionalism and experience. 1 - Aligning of contractors - Following Mei's advice, we performed some upgrades prior to the selling of our home. Mei utilized her connections to schedule the contractors, who did an excellent and efficient job at a great rate. The fact that she has the network of resources so willing and able to work for her is a testament to her professionalism. 2 - Staging and scheduling - Our situation was unique in that we were relocating to the east coast, and also had a newborn in the house. As such, we did not want any work done prior to our moving out. Mei was quick to line up all necessary inspections, work, staging, etc. and have them begin the day after we moved out. Everything fell into place like clockwork and went according to plan. 3 - Open house - Mei kept us informed of her schedule as she generated as much interest as possible in our home. She held a brokers only open house the first couple of days after listing, and a public open house that weekend. Her marketing machine generated the buzz that is necessary to get as many parties flowing through the house as possible. This buzz is the key to selling a home. 4 - Receipt of offers - Having created a bullet-proof laundry list of features and selling points to our home, Mei calculated a flawless timeline to force interested parties to enter any serious bids in a timely manner. Once the offers came in, Mei quickly triaged the list for us into those that were serious in nature, and those that were simply low-ball bids (this was in the fall of 2009, so many folks were out there undercutting any list price simply to see if they could get it). She also made a point to "normalize" all offers, taking into consideration the costs and fees that actually varied from offer to offer. In other words, the offer price alone was not the only factor, since some buyers were agents themselves willing to reduce commissions, and Mei did a great job at sorting out these other factors. 5 - Generation of counter offers - After identifying the serious offers, Mei quickly generated a set of counter offers that were specific to each buyer. Each counter-offer was crafted so that we would be able to compare all accepted counters in an apples-to-apples fashion. This allowed us to easily compare the conditions that each buyer presented. 6 - Facilitation of closing - As we were dealing with this process remotely, we were worried about the challenges of closing on our house without the benefit of access to the title company. Mei arranged for a come-to-your-home notary to come over and walk us through the paper work, and then take the signed paper work to be sent back to the main title company in California. Again, this went through without a hitch. In summary, Mei's extensive knowledge of the industry allows her to methodically price a home, stage it, and handle the back end paper work to successfully close a transaction. She is able to handle offers and buyers efficiently, quickly isolating the serious offers, and thus allowing a seller to get the best possible outcome.


Wes and Lisa Chou,  Sunnyvale, 9/2009



Dear Mei,


We truly enjoyed having you as our seller agent while we were relocating to the East Coast. It was such a peace of mind for us having you on our side and we are very happy that our house was sold so fast in this difficult time. You were always on top of everything with your great professionalism, high quality standards and hard work each step of the way. We appreciated your excellent follow-up and follow-through! Your e-mails/calls were always timely, informative and relevant.

We would recommend you without any hesitation to anyone who needs to sell or buy a home. Thank you for taking so good care of our home while we were in the other coast.

It really made our relocation much smoother and stress-free.


Best wishes and thank you for everything!


Ana and Luis Maranga,  Mission Garden Santa Clara,  9/2009



We are extremely happy with the way Mei Ling handled the sale of our San Jose home

which involved a number of things. Mei had to take care of replacing the entire

carpet, painting the whole home and a number of other major and minor items in preparation for presenting the propery to prospective buyers in a tough market. She managed to complete all the items at an amazing speed and got the home ready for showing within a week of our vacating the house.


We are also very pleased with the way she handled the whole sales process which

resulted in multiple offers after just one week-end of open house. The quick and effective

sale is a testament to Mei's creativity, experience and hard work.


Ramesh & Mala,  Evergreen, 08/2009



In June 2009, Mei Ling represented us in the sale of our home in North Sunnyvale.  The home sold within a week with six offers.  This was in the midst of the worst housing market in recent memory.  We're certain that if it wasn't because of Mei Ling it would have taken much longer to sell the house.

We've worked with other agents and Mei Ling was by far the best.  We can't think of anyone else who knows more about pricing, the "ins and outs" of what must be fixed and the ability to magically transform a mediocre home into something brand new with her staging.  She's incredibly professional and her patience and accommodations to our busy schedules were really appreciated.  The whole process was so painless and stress free that it seemed too easy!

Our only regret was not finding her sooner.

Oliver & Eva Tse,  Sunnyvale, 6/2009


Hello Mei,

Thank you so much for the great work you've done with us over the past few weeks.  You undertook a complicated process and made it as simple for us as possible.  When you interviewed with us a couple of months ago, you mentioned staging as your strength.  You do have excellent taste in staging, but what I valued most was that you offered sound advice for us throughout the journey and you were a tough negotiator on our behalf.  We're very thankful that you worked with us!  You should feel free to offer my cell number to anyone who's considering you for selling his home.




Loren and Jenny, Santa Clara, 5/2009




Dear Mei,


I am writing the following testimonial to express my deepest and sincere appreciation of working with you during the sell of 4460 Headen Way in the, Santa Clara, CA. in the Rivermark Community.

It all began roughly 3 years ago when I first meet you at one of your open-houses.  From the first moment, I was deeply impressed by your knowledge of the Rivermark Community and the real estate market in general, and most of all, your professionalism.  At that time, the market was booming and houses were selling left and right at exorbitant prices.  Fast forward 3 years, the market is in one of its worst down-turns in decades, yet you are still able to get the best value for both sellers and buyers in an unforgiving and down-right brutal market.  Wow!  Now that’s impressive, and deserves great recognition.

I will have to be honest; there were a few times that I doubted the house would be sold, due to the unpredictable nature of the market and the first few bids on the property.  Let me be absolutely clear about this statement, I never doubted your ability to sell the house, but I did have doubts about the market in general.  In the end, your reassurance allowed me to see the big picture and not sweat the small stuff.

Initially, I was concerned that I would not receive a fair price, in such a down market.  Yet, you were able to still my fears, and reassure me that I would get a good price for my home, despite the current market conditions.  And this is where one of your many superb talents came to light.  You were able to stage the house with a brilliant eye for detail, and made it feel like a home.  That was a HUGE plus!  

Over the last couple of months (during a tough market I might add), you have kept your cool, calm, and collective professionalism throughout the entire process of selling the property listed in Rivermark.  Most of all, you delivered on your promise, and that was, to sell this property in a difficult, and sometimes tumultuous housing market.

You have exceeded my expectations from the moment we met and discussed the real estate market in Rivermark, to your awesome and pure knowledge of staging a home for the best overall effect, to your detailed reports during open-house, and to your extreme patience during times of stressful moments; for this, and much more, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mei Ling as the realtor to go with if you are in the market for selling or purchasing a home.


Thank you again! 


Tony Fox    Rivermark Santa Clara, 12/2008




Mei transformed our home into a masterpiece, creating a selling ambiance that greatly helped in our quick sell in a difficult market. She went above and beyond as a realtor in preparation and marketing, helping us get the little things done, and guidance when it came to contracts.  I highly recommend Mei to anyone looking to get the most value for their home in the quickest and easiest manner.


Ryan Tabrah    Mission Park Santa Clara, 12/2008




Dear Mei,


Firstly, thank you so much for putting us into such a wonderful house in a beautiful neighborhood with good schools, and within our budget, exactly what had aimed for when we set out on a home search with you.


We had seen the way you had professionally staged homes for sale in our neighborhood and then read testimonials on your web page, and knew that we had to go with the best in the business to do the sale of our home for us.


When we started, we had no idea how the home buying search would turn out to be. However we were impressed with your dedication, hard work, drive towards results and help in narrowing down the homes-list based on our needs.

Once we found the home of our choice, we were further impressed on the way you worked with the seller's agent to get the deal done in our favor! You even provided us after-sale consulting when needed. Thank you so much for the outstanding service!


The sale of our old home turned out to be smooth too. Both me and my husband have extremely busy work lives and taking the time out from that to prep the home for sale was unimaginable. You advised on the options and helped pick the approach that suited us - buy then sell, rather than rent, sell, buy, or sell, rent-back, buy. Also, picking the right price in the slowing economy, although lower than what one would have liked, was a very very important decision as it helped us sell our house within 10 days even in a slow market. Once again your service was amazing as you took care of everything -  from inspections, paperwork, to the repairs and ultimately the professional grade staging. This was a huge relief for us as we did not have to pay mortgages for 2 homes.


 We can see that you treat this profession as both an art and a science that you've perfected it over time.

Thank you so much for taking care of such an important aspect of our life in such a professional yet friendly manner. Would be great to work with you again!


-Priya & Bhaskar  Mission Park Santa Clara, 07/2008



We chose Mei Ling after doing a lot of research in the Rivermark area, and we know that we made the right choice.  Mei staged our home beautifully, using a lot of her own furniture and accessories, making it look like a model home.  She was great through the whole process including pricing, sales strategy, open house and the final negotiations and closing the sale.  Mei always went the extra mile and was extremely helpful, professional and available when we needed her.


Best regards,


Kim Wagner and Suzie Hsu, Rivermark, Santa Clara, 02/2008




Dear Mei,

We are very grateful to you for all your help with the recent sale of our townhouse.  We were very, very pleased with your service and how you assisted us in every step.  Selling a home can be a very stressful event especially in this difficult market and you really did so much to make the process easy for us! This was my first experience selling a home plus we had moved out of the area. We really appreciated how efficiently you communicated with us via email and phone to expedite the sale. You handled everything for us including kindly explaining the paperwork, advising us on price, negotiating for us, and setting up the house cleaning/painting. I must say the real perk was how beautifully and tastefully you staged our home! THANK YOU!

Have a wonderful holiday season.  We wish you much success in the coming new year!


Ehud & Elena Kedar, Rivermark Santa Clara, 06/2008




Dear Mei,

Irene and I want to thank you for your expertise in handling the sale of our rental property in Santa Clara. From our experience it was never a question who to call to handle our property. Once we turned the property over to you we would have never thought that it would be sold so quickly. Whenever there was a decision you seemed to know what avenue to take and always kept us up to date. You have great resources that can get things done in record time. Overall an excellent experience and smooth transaction working with you. I would highly recommend your name to my friends and family.


Jeff and Irene Lim, Rivermark, Santa Clara,  09/2008




Dear Mei,

David and I decided to write the following testimonial to express how much we appreciated to have you as our sales agent:

Because of the recent downturn in the local economy, homeowners and home buyers alike are left in a period of great uncertainty. Especially when we wanted to make sure that whomever we went could deliver results nothing short of excellent. After interviewing with different people who professed to have a specialty in the area, we decided to go with Mei Ling to take care of the sale of our home. From our numerous in-person and telephone communications together with her over the past 2 months,
we can confirm without hesitation that Mei is simply the best Realtor we have ever known. She has exceeded our expectations in every aspect from the honesty and knowledge she presented in our initial interviews, the amazing custom staging of our home to optimize its perception to buyers, her skill in communication towards what is a true win-win for all parties (buyer, buyer’s agent, seller – her natural gift here is very rare), her amazingly detailed accounts of each of our open houses and buyers who were possibly interested in our property, her patience and kindness even after the close of escrow just to make sure that we were doing ok. We highly recommend Mei to anyone who may be thinking of either buying or selling in the Rivermark area. If only all Realtors were only half as wonderful to work with and effective in producing results as she is -

Eileen and David, Rivermark, Santa Clara,  06/2008



Dear Mei,

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Right from the beginning, on day 1, we knew we were in the right hands. Your incredible knowledge of the area, your thoroughness to all details, your direct conversation, your style to manage process, absolute passion in work, and the list goes on, made us feel we made the best choice. You proved over and over again that we were blessed in your guidance. Mei, you are a wonderful and honest person. we are lucky to know you. Please stay in touch.

We thank you once again for the exceptional sale you made for us. No one could have pulled it off so well.  

Best regards,

Suki and Jahangir, Mission Park, Santa Clara,  03/2008




Dear Mei,

We wanted to write this letter to express our gratitude for the outstanding job you did as the listing agent in the sale of our home in Santa Clara. My wife and I have bought and sold numerous homes over the years and you are, without a doubt, the best realtor we have ever worked with. Before selecting you to be our agent, we evaluated the three top realtors in our neighborhood. After seeing your professional presentation, your thorough analysis of the market, and then understanding the many value-added services that you provide, we concluded that there is clearly a reason that you outperform all others. We were delighted with every phase of the process. Given that the market had taken a turn for the worse, we were of course concerned about pricing and marketing the house. You helped us pick the right price point, your web-based and print-mail, targeted marketing was exceptional. The staging of the house made the home show like it came out of the pages of a design magazine. And, the open-houses, managed directly by you and your staff, could not have been more effective. The result of all of these things was that we sold our house in four days, received multiple bids, achieved a price point that was over our asking price, the buyers were well qualified, and the closing was a breeze.

Mei, we stand ready to serve as a reference for you to anyone. You are outstanding at what you do. We would not hesitate to use you to buy or sell a home if we are ever in that market again.

Thank you for all you did to make our sale such a success.


Warmest regards,


Tom & Celia Lewis, Rivermark, Santa Clara,  11/2007



I recently sold my home in Santa Clara. We made the right decision of Mei as our realtor to sell our home. I have seen in the past some of her staged houses in
the market. The following characteristics of Mei really distinguish from other agents:
(1) Mei is very knowledgeable in the local market. Her information and data is reliable.
(2) Mei has excellent staging skills and pays lot of attention to the details. While staging the home, she exactly thinks like buyer. This was one of the great benefits of asking Mei to list our house.
(3) Mei sets the expectations correctly. Her understanding of the market condition is very useful when we sell our home.
(4) Mei is very friendly, positive attitude and always available for us to give information. She is very courteous and follows high integrity
(5) Mei is one of the best realtors and I would not hesitate to use her experience and services again in our buy/sell property transactions in the future.

Mayilraj Krishnan and Radha Natarjan, Robin’s Run, Santa Clara    09/2007




Mei has a great & systematic method of preparing a house for sale. After
meeting with her, she drew up an action plan and time line to follow. From
repainting the house, to scheduling cleaners and staging, there were no
surprises and the house was ready to sell at a perfect time.

Expectations were clearly defined at the beginning of this venture, and more
importantly, they were met every step of the way. From start to finish, she
anticipated everything and my house sold at a record price with multiple
offers in a matter of days. Surprisingly, there really wasn't any stress or
anxiety during this entire process. My wife and I were very comfortable
with the pace at which things were moving and couldn't expect better

I think it is important to note that you have to spend money to make money.
Shortcuts to save a few thousand dollars in the sale of your house can
jeopardize your chances of making tens of thousands of dollars more. Plus,
there isn't really a dollar value you can apply to having a painless and
stress free sales experience. Really, the bottom line is, you couldn't ask
for or find a better agent in this area. If you want to sell a house for
the best price, Mei will get it done.


Egan and Katherine, Mission Park, Santa Clara   08/2007




Hi Mei!!!


AWESOME! EXCEPTIONAL! FABULOUS!  That's how I would describe you to anyone who is thinking of selling/buying a home.


I considered you to list my home because (1) I often saw your signs in the neighborhood (2) I was very impressed by your web site (3) I liked the way you advertised your listings.  During our initial meeting, I was quite impressed with your knowledge of the neighborhood and the real estate market.  Your confidence and honesty about my home were refreshing to me.  Plus I was extremely impressed that you had called one of your former buyers to check on them **after** they had moved into their new home.  WOW!!  Even before the end of our first meeting, I had no doubt I wanted you to list my home, and I made the decision without interviewing any other agents.


I made the decision to ask you to list my home, but now came the nbsp;first test.  How would you handle the entire selling process?  As it turned out,  I had absolutely nothing to worry about because you took care of everything.  You had the house staged and ready to be shown within one week!!  You knew I was concerned/hesitant about the staging, but you were able to alleviate my concerns with your patience and reassurance.  Again, I had nothing to worry about because the house looked like a model house when you were finished with the staging!  You were always prompt/patient in answering my calls and emails.  You resolved every problem I brought to you with such efficiency and friendliness.  After the house was listed, I knew that if it didn't sell, the reasons wouldn't be attributed to you because you had already done everything possible to make the house sell.


I knew that my home was located in a challenging location.  Therefore,  I had very realistic expectations of the sale of my home.   OH MY GOSH!!!!  nbsp;MY HOME SOLD IN 7 DAYS!!!...FOR ABOVE THE LIST PRICE!!!! nbsp;  I was in total shock (for 2 days!!) when you called me with the offer.   I know the house wouldn't have sold that quickly without your professional expertise. nbsp; I am so glad I trusted your judgements and let you run the show instead of trying to interfere with your decisions...7 days!!!....above list price!!....GOOD GRIEF!! /p>


Once my home was under contract, I began to stress because the pessimist in me was afraid the deal would fall through.  You continued to reassure me with patience.  You ran interference for me with the buyers and the buyers' agent.  You watched out for my best interest.  Again, I didn't need to stress because you took care of everything, and the closing of my home happened within 30 days after it went under contract!!


I must pat myself on the back for hiring you to sell my home. :)))  In my opinion, you are simply THE BEST AGENT EVER!!!  If you are still an agent when I sell my next home, I am hiring you again.  In the mean time, I will be a walking advertisement for you with anyone who wants to buy/sell a home..."HIRE Mei!! She is THE BEST AGENT EVER!!  You'll be so happy to have her help you buy/sell your home!!"


Thank you for making this stressful process as easy as possible for me.  Thank you for all that you did in getting my home sold.  Thank you for treating my little humble home as if it was one of those million+ houses that you often sell.






Lynn Hu, Robin’s Run, Santa Clara,    06/2007


Professional, committed and savvy - these are only three of the words that come immediately to mind when thinking of Mei. We couldn't be more pleased that we chose Mei to represent us when we sold our house in Santa Clara. Mei was simply outstanding and did everything possible to ensure that our home sold quickly with multiple offers, including lining up contractors for remodeling, beautifully staging our home and setting the right offer price. To anyone looking for a Realtor, she has our highest recommendation.

Sarah and Emanuel Noik, Mission Park, Santa Clara,   03/2007


Hello Mei,


Jean and I want to thank you for all the hard work you did to help us buy the Rivermark house and sell the Evergreen house. We are both impressed with the great clean up and staging job you did on the Evergreen house. Plus the sales flyer was superb! We are very happy that you managed to sell our house in one week when all the other homes in the area were taking at least 3 weeks or a lot longer to sell. And you got $6000 above the asking price!

You are definitely the best agent we've ever worked with. Thank you again Mei for all your hard work.


Scott and Jean, Rivermark, Santa Clara,   06/03/2006




Hi, Mei,


You did an excellent job the entire way from planning, staging, listing, advertising, negotiating and closing.  I obviously made the right choice in selecting you.


Pete Su, Rivermark, Santa Clara,  06/02/2006






We just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for helping us with the buying and selling of our home....
Your hard work and dedication to your customers will definitely not go unnoticed and we will be sure to refer you to our friends and family. You are really the best realtor we have worked with. Thanks for all your help and we hope to see you around Rivermark...


Quynh and Anh-Duy, Rivermark, Santa Clara,  5/15/2006




We recently had a fantastic experience working with Mei Ling to sell a property in the Robin’s Run development in Santa Clara

Over the past 10 years here in Silicon Valley, we have worked with many residential and commercial real estate agents, and Mei is simply the best.  The characteristics that really distinguish Mei from her peers are:

Extremely knowledgeable.  Mei’s knowledge of the local real estate market is very extensive.  In our initial meeting, she went into a lot more detail than just summarizing the list of recent sales.  Her direct experience selling homes in the neighborhood allowed her to provide a perspective on the specific value of the property that we think other agents would have been hard-pressed to match.  Her knowledge of all the ins and outs of the listing and transaction paperwork is equally extensive.

Easy to contact and highly responsive.  Mei was always easy to get a hold of either via cell phone or via email.  All email messages were returned promptly, and she was very proactive in her communication to explain the process and what was going on each step of the way. 

Positive attitude.  Mei’s confidence in being able to prepare the house quickly and to sell it quickly was much appreciated.  She was upbeat in every interaction we had with her over the course of 2 months.

Always delivered what she promised.  Never once did she fail to keep a commitment, an appointment, or fail to follow-through on something that she had promised to provide.  Our particular deal had a couple of interesting nuances, and she just powered through the details with poise and skill. 

Awesome staging skills.  When Mei was done, our 5 year old Robins Run’s property looked even better than brand new models in Rivermark!  She really knows what she is doing on this front, and has a great eye for making a house look perfect.

High integrity.  You can be sure that Mei will treat all those involved in any real estate transaction with the utmost integrity and fairness. 

Great results.  Mei devised a sales strategy that after only one week on the market in May 2006 resulted in 10 offers and ultimately landed us a final offer well above our listing price, which was quite reasonable to begin with.  We could not have been happier with the final outcome.  

It is always a pleasure to work with people who are simply fantastic at their respective jobs, and so it was a great experience to work with Mei.  She radiates competence.  We give her our strongest possible recommendation, and would not hesitate to use her services again the next time we buy and/or sell a property.



Jill and Jim   Santa Clara, 2006



 Karen and I would like to express our appreciation for everything that you have done for us with the sale of our Santa Clara home.    The colorful four page brochure, the professional website, and the descriptive poster board of our home were simply the best real estate promotional advertisement that we have ever seen.   We were also extremely impressed with your interior decorating skills, as evident by the professional and elegant manner in which you prepped and staged our home for showing.   

Thanks to your expert knowledge of the real estate market in our area, we were able to sell our home within just two weeks and at a higher price than what we had anticipated.   Finally, we appreciate your friendly and professional assistance, being there during our appraisal and home inspection, explaining all of the legal documents, and keeping us informed of the status throughout the entire process.   This has been, by far, the smoothest real estate transaction that we have experienced.   If you should ever need a reference, Karen and I would not hesitate to offer a ringing endorsement for your services!!    Thanks again for everything!!!   :o)



Ed & Karen, Mission Park, Santa Clara,  03/27/2006




This is a testimonial to the excellent service that Mei has provided us as both a Buyer's and well as Seller's Agent.

My husband and I sought Mei’s service after observing her work around our area, especially selling our neighbors house that had a floor plan exactly like ours. As a seller’s agent, Mei has been exceptionally knowledgeable about property values around our neighborhood as well as market conditions and trends. She provided us with a thorough analysis of the property prices in the area and suggested a comparable yet competitive sales price. In fact, once we decided to sell, she did such a good job with prepping and staging our house and marketing it with signs, brochures, listings and networking (all within a matter of a week), that we got an offer the day we listed. Again, through her excellent negotiation, we sold the house the next day at a higher-than-list-price. She also guided us exceptionally diligently through all the paper-work involved in the process.

As a buyer’s agent, Mei as been simply outstanding! My husband and I had very specific criteria for our new house as we decided to upgrade, and we turned out to be finicky buyers. Mei quickly perceived what we wanted in the new house, and was very patient through the entire process. She would always make herself available at our convenience to view and tour homes whether weekdays or nights. She would present a detailed analysis of the homes and neighborhoods very promptly whenever any potential opportunity arose. She educated us in the home buying process, what we should look for, and factors that would or not be favorable in the hunt for the ideal home for our needs. She was always there and NEVER pushy. That is what I found most commendable about her. Finally, when we did like a house that fit all our criteria, she helped us write and negotiate a creative offer in a multiple-bid scenario. Since it was a house that we wanted to remodel, she even helped us with referring contractors and material showrooms. She also has an excellent sense for interior design, so I have also used her advice as we are remodeling our home.

In summary, I am very thankful that Mei supported and represented us in our transactions in such a positive manner. I highly recommend Mei to all potential buyers and sellers, and would not hesitate to use her services again for any of my real estate needs.


Madhuri & Vinayak  Robin’s Run, Santa Clara,  01/13/2006




Dear Mei,
Thank you so much for all your hard work selling our house. We were very pleased with your responsive (and patient) communication; your friendly, postive attitude; and your overall professionalism. Also we believe that your marketing and staging of our house played a key role toward us receiving offers above our lsting price, and this especially valuable to us in the end. And finally, even though our house was in a somewhat lower price range than most of those you sell, we especially appreciate your deligence and dedication in following through to get it sold. Thank you for doing such a fantastic job. It was a real pleasure working with you!

Brian O'Neil and Filip Naron, Sunnyvale,  11/11/2005




Dear Mei,

We are writing you to clearly express our deepest THANKS!

You handled the sale of our house very professionally.

We believe that the ?Staging? you did not only made our house sell fast, but also ADDED AT LEAST 10% to the sale price.

We will happily recommend you to anyone looking for a professional in the real estate field.

Yours truly,


Mark and Sue Tornga, Mission Park, Santa Clara   03/2005




Hi, Mei,

I want to express my appreciation for all your efforts in selling my single family home at 1155 White Pine Ter, Sunnyvale, CA 94086. Your professionalism, superb marketing skills and especially your fantastic staging of the house, enabled the sale of the house in one week, above list price.

I truly commend your diligence and honesty throughout the whole process of preparing the house, performing all relevant inspections and the eventual sale of the property.

I would be more than happy to provide any references and would highly recommend you to any prospective real estate clients.



Ramesh Krishnamurthy, Sunnyvale,  05/2005




We have recently sold our house at Mission Park community in on">Santa Clara. I am very happy to say that we made the right decision of selecting Mei Ling as our realtor to sell the house.

On our first appointment itself, Mei impressed us with her professional attitude, her knowledge of the neighborhood real estate activities, her approach to selling the house, her honest and realistic estimate of the ballpark selling price range of our house.

Since then until our house got sold, Mei worked very hard and diligently to perform all her responsibilities and exceed our expectation. We couldn?t have asked any more. She is very honest, genuine and a great negotiator. She is always on top of everything and a perfectionist and that has impressed us a lot.

Mei had staged our house with an impeccable contemporary style and with a very good sense of aesthetics and attention to detail. We have been many model homes including the ones in Rivermark community in Santa Cara. The way Mei Ling staged our house was at par with those model homes.

During the process of selling our house, I had asked Mei many questions and she had always answered all my questions very patiently and helped us in many aspects of house selling including getting us the contact of the carpet cleaner, home inspection company etc etc.

For the last few years, we have been looking for buying a home in Cupertino area. We have seen homes with many realtors but no one had really understood well what our requirements were and probably that?s why we didn?t find the right house. But within just a week, Mei understood and helped us find the right house that fulfils all our requirement. It was amazing that we found and bought a house within a week in Cupertino area.

House is one of the biggest asset of every one of us and one must find a very good and professional realtor whom one can trust and depend on 100% in selling or buying a house and who can help each of us get the best possible value of our house. I am very happy to say that we were very lucky to have found Mei Ling as one of the best realtors and I would very highly recommend her to anyone who wants to either buy and/or sell home.


Sanjoy and Mousumi Roy, Mission Park, Santa Clara,  04/2005




If anyone is looking to sell their property, we had a very pleasant experience with Mei Ling at Century 21. We bought a Rivermark Glen home from her and sold our Rivermark Greens in less than a week. We only had one open house and three very good , competitive, and a lot more than asking price offers. She is very hard working and caring. She helped us with the move, cleaning and staging.


Amir and Ozzie, Rivermark, Santa Clara,   07/2005